What's a Beer Stooge? I'm glad you asked. It's our term of affection for the super smart people behind the bar who not only serve you amazing beer but also can tell you all about it. See, a stooge is someone who is used by someone else to get what they want (at least the dictionary says so). You want beer and they'll get for you. You want to learn more about a style, they have the knowledge to make recommendations that will help you find your next favorite beer. So being a Beer Stooge is really a good thing.


Want to be a Beer Stooge? We're pretty picky about who we hire. You have to have a passion for beer and be able to share that passion with pro and neophyte alike. You also have to be friendly, hard working, and customer focused. On top of that you must be a Cicerone Certified Beer Server or higher. If this sounds like you then send your resume to us.


Third Wheel Brewing

4008 N Service Rd

St. Peters, MO 63376